Our Process

From Blossom to Mazer Cup

It All Starts with The Honey

Step 1

Bees at our pesiticide free honey supplier, Star G Honey, gather pollen and nectar from flowers and return to the hive.

The forager bees share nectar with the rest of the worker bees in the hive, simultaneously feeding the hive and processing the nectar into a high water content honey.

Step 2
Step 3

The bees store the excess honey in their honeycomb home, and fan it with their wings to reduce its water, and effectively turn it into the raw organic honey we use in our mead.

The loving Star G beekeepers extract the excess honey from the hives to be packaged and sent to us.

Step 4

Water Quality is Paramount


We put just as much focus on the quality of our water as we do our honey. After all, it accounts for 75% of our mead and profoundly effects both the flavor and health benefits.

Our Filtration Standards

Chlorine Free
Pesticide Free
PH 6

Let's Make Mead!