Who is Falcon Mead?

Mead is Our Beverage. Bees are Our Passion.

Mead begins with the bee. Without those industrious little girls carrying out their biological duty to nature, the delicious beverage that we love to produce and consume wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, the use of pesticides on industrial farms is wiping out the population of our favorite insect at an alarming rate. It’s this knowledge that makes us so passionate to not only create an extraordinary elixir, but also to do it in a sustainable and green way.

Our Green Accolades

No Added Sulfites
Pesticide Free Farms

This dedication is what makes Falcon Meads so delicious. By always sourcing the highest-quality ingredients and never interfering with the natural fermentation process, our meads drink like the classic meads that have been produced for millenia - the way nature intended.

Our Process

Falcon is not just a meadery or a beverage. It’s a lifestyle – one based on the strength of both ours and our drinkers’ conviction to live a healthy, green life and only produce and consume the best – similar to our Falcon ancestors of the middle ages. Back then, mead was at its height, and falcons were man’s best friend. They were definitively the greatest hunting birds, and falconry was the most popular sport of the time. Once we embarked on our mission and made our first batch years back, the falcon easily lent itself as the natural embodiment of our brand, and so Falcon Meadery was born.

Falcon has always had this mission ever since we set up shop in Santa Fe, and we could not be happier to call SF our home. This beautiful and historic city is the perfect place for our beautiful and historic beverage.

Our Team

Darragh Nagle
Head Mazer
Darragh Nagle
Greg Menke

Our team of mead lovers is our secret to bringing this mission to fruition, with Darragh Nagle making the magic happen as Head Mazer. Our 30-year veteran founder Darragh has led Falcon Meadery to win medals in the international Mazer Cup competition, and prepared the meadery to expand into a world class venue in Santa Fe New Mexico, with its own tasting room, gift shop and gastro brew pub.

One could call our new owner Greg Menke "bee-obsessed" with his passion for honey bees and sustainable practices starting long before he was able to consume ambrosia. Falcon is the third addition to Greg's expanding arsenal of bee-centric enterprises in Santa Fe, and there's more to come. In 2013, he opened up his popular fresh soup and sandwich shop, 'The Beestro.' Happy with the community's response to his original concept, he opened up 'The Hive Market' in late 2015 to sell local artisanal goods and of course many a honey.

Now, with Falcon Mead in hand, Greg’s new endeavor is a tap room to serve this liquid gold. We're happy to announce the Root Cellar Tap Room and Gastropub is open now right below The Hive Market to do just that. In addition to our meads, dozens of local beers, wines, and delicious New Mexico-inspired pub food are being served. Come by! We are at 101 West Marcy Street, at the corner of Marcy and Lincoln. Open Monday-Saturday.